Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tranquil Serendipity

Modern Contempory Airwell

A small courtyard in a house helps to release interior heat, draw in passing
breezes, shade adjacent spaces as the sun moves and collects rainwater into
 the dwelling. If the courtyard space is large enough, having a fountain or a
 koi pond is ideal. It symbolizes and also enchances the wealth & health for
the owner. Whether or not you want a calm lipid pool to reflect the azure
sky or a fountain providing soothing sound of a trickling waters. Immersing
in such an ambience transcends an aural and visual delight to our spirit.
'Tranquility' is finding such an oasis in the heart of the home which is
great place to retreat to.

Step Into Ancient Courtyard of Fuk Tak Chi Museum
This temple was built in 1824 at 76 Telok Ayer Street

Covered Courtyard in the Shop Space @ Church Street

When I was in Malacca, I was surprised to find two airwells in their shophouses. The houses were long and deep. As for my late grandma's home in Penang, the courtyard was at the back of the house with the kitchen beside it. The toilet and bathroom were at the rear end. There was no washroom on the second storey, so in the night the family would have to do with a potty in their bedrooms. They even had a customised wooden cover made for it. No one wants to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. That was in the 1960s. If we go back to the days before plumbing arrived. a family well would be in the backyard too.

Teahouse In Penang

I leave you here in another airwell at this traditional old shophouse.
Keep Cool & Take Care.


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