Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Quirky Panache Of A Villa

This is one of the widely photographed house in Little India in Singapore. Built in the 1900's, this was the residence of Tan Teng Niah who was an owner of a few confectionery factories. This is one at 37 Kerbau Road is one of the last surviving Chinese villas in Little India. Restored and conserved, is being leased out.
Being in this part of town, Little India is dotted with Hindu temples, eateries and shops selling saris, Indian spices, flower garlands, vegetables. It is Singapore's foremost Indian enclave. The building's flamboyant useage of colours conveys Indians preferences for bold and bright colours.
 I had to go down to check out this building. Lo and Behold, it completely blow my mind. This is so unlike other Heritage Houses. I wonder whether its could keep this exterior for long. Earlier this year in March, the Urban Redevelopment Authority has set new colour guidelines for conserved buildings. It is looking at pastel shades of pink, blue and green. Too bland, right? Specially in a place like this where its richness derived from the Indian culture and heritage.
Matching colourful tables & chairs completes the carnival-like atmosphere

Close Up of the windows

Neighbouring House

Bye for now. Do you like the look of these houses ? ? ?  Doesn't the excuberance of the
place make you want to break out into a dance like some Bollywood movie. Feast your
eyes on more colourful buildings and dancing in the clip below. Colours excude live.
Look at more colours today.

Chhan  Ke  Mohalla

Or visit a Bazaar : 

  *;*   Cheerios   *;*

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