Thursday, 22 November 2012

Thanksgiving And Be Grateful

Hello there . . . here is one trip which I undertook earlier this month which I will gladly share with you. It was very short and meaningful trip to Batam. Batam is an island located south of Singapore and is part of Indonesia. All it takes is one hour ferry ride to get there. Some like to go there for the weekend to do some shopping, eating and massages are cheap. This is the second time I am going there. I count it a privilege for me to have gone along to witness God's love through fellow church members who are so fervent in serving the Lord by selflessly going out to touch lives through giving and sharing. Kudos to the ladies involved in the organizing and planing for this outreach.

Our itinerary was scheduled by a Pastor over there; to visit a home for unwed mothers, a small orphanage for girls, children from the church living in the poorer part of town, all in one day and lastly to attend a home cell group at night. The following morning was to attend Sunday church service to share two testimonies from our brothers and be involved in the children's ministry. Very exciting for one who has never been on such a trip before. Won't I be tired with all these non-stop activities all in one day, I wondered.
Prior to this trip, my leader, Angeline had this random thought about puppets but haven't got an inkling of where to get them or how to incorporate them into our outreach. What was about to happen, is no coincidence. After the service on the following Sunday, on entering the church office, Angeline saw Anna looking at puppets which she had ordered from the States. Guess Anna must have thought of bringing more cheer to the children on her next mission trip by introducing puppets. Her trip is much later than ours. Bet you, Angeline's heart must have leapt when she saw those puppets and wished to borrow them. Anna was hesitant at first but later allowed us to take two. You see, God is so amazing. He wasted no time in putting those puppets to good use. Everything just moved along the way He wanted. Christine brought the puppets home. When her daughter saw how cute the puppets were, Christine asked her whether she could come up with something for the puppets. She effortlessly produced the script in no time and showed it to her Mom and Dad. She is only ten.

Our young puppeteers - Jaelle & Ryann.  Well Done !!
Jaelle and Ryann put on the skit five times throughout this whole trip. Must be refreshing for the children. After this, we would bring out materials for some craft work. In the meanwhile, another team were busy blowing balloons and making balloon sculptures to be handed out to the children. So meet another team behind the scene.

We were blessed with good weather. The sky was overcast so it wasn't that hot.
The children were already in the small hut waiting patiently for us to arrive.
Shalom To Everyone

Getting Ready For Craft Work

Transforming Lives - turning them into prince & princess

Other children were peeking through the window

Handing Out Gifts & Balloons

Hope We Brought Joy To Them That Day

Youngest group in our mission trip.  No complaints, eager to help and enjoying every moment of it.
It was truly an amazing trip. We were well taken care of. Group dynamics were great and I enjoyed the camaraderie of our group members. We should appreciate what we already have and count our blessings. The trip has certainly made us realize how blessed we really are, especially with God by our side all the time. He will see to our needs irregardless of who we are. He will make a way when there seem no way. He sends people to cheer you up when you are down which I totally relate to that. So we in turn should show our concern and touch somebody. You never know how your little act of kindness will mean a lot to someone else in times of need. Be blessed and have a wonderful week.

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