Monday, 10 December 2012

A Jewel In The Night

Hello . . . it's been quite awhile. I was planning on sharing with you photos from
Orchard Road to spread the Christmas cheer. It is a long stretch of road to cover
and when I am there. I ended up at some stores looking for gifts. However I am
going to show you what I have found on my Facebook. Check out this Mansion at
Macalister Road in Penang. An English mansion honours Sir Norman Macalister, one
of the first British Governors of Penang (1808 -1810). This project is carrried out
by Ministry of Design from Singapore. This boutique hotel is being transformed
into utilitarian comforts of modern living. Say no more, see for yourself at these
links below. I get very excited about it and I wish I am right there to see it.

Will definitely be on my list to check it out if I am ever there again to visit
my aunties.

Wouldn't mind ending up here after a bout of X'mas shopping !

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