Thursday, 15 March 2012

Vintage Hunter

Hello there . . . there was this programe on TV which I missed. I am sure glad
 to be able to catch it on the internet. When I watched this, I enjoyed seeing
the sights and sounds of Singapore with Dominic Johnson-Hill. He is a Brit, a
flea market junky. He tripped across town visiting some unusual places and
a remote house on island called Pulau Ubin. You'll get to experience retro
 aura of these vintage places and vintage finds. His first stop was this Thieves' 
Market in the vicinity of Sungei Road. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole episode.
However I can't put this video out anymore to share with any of you who has
just stumbled into my blog. Here's how the Lonely Planet sums up this place.

Lonely Planet review for Sungei Road Thieves Market

How and why the authorities allow this kerbside jumble sale to exist is a mystery, but happily it remains,
spread out across four streets around a patch of open ground. The array of old geezers hawking random
collections of used items makes it an interesting place to wander around, mingle with Singapore’s
impoverished underbelly and perhaps throw them a few dollars for some of their wares.

Well . . 'One man's trash is another man's treasure' 

 This picture of the Thieves' Market taken a few years back.
It used to take up the whole of Pitt Street. Singapore's
Oldest Flea Market has been around since the 1930s.

The future of this market seems uncertain. In the not too
distant future, this place might possibly be a thing of the
past, when the construction of the underground subway 
completes in 2017. It's unsophisticated way in peddling
second hand goods by the roadside, is a reminder of our
humble past and frugal form of early entrepreneurship.

This flea market is definitely intriguing outlet of retail
therapy because you never know what you will find  ; )

The 2nd season of 6 part series ended with the final episode filmed in Singapore.
6 Nov 2012

~ The End ~ 

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