Wednesday, 29 February 2012

You Have Arrived !

How was the trip down Memory Lane? Finally you have ended up at the front porch of
my home. Welcome to my Vintage Abode and take a seat to enjoy the little garden around you. This was the idyllic home I have been dreaming up.
One of the things you get to do when you are both the dreamer and interior designer
of your fantasy home - is to put in the things you've always missing and always wanted.
I think everyone to a certain extent imagine themselves in a dream home they wish to
live in. The spaces I create are snapshots of the house, a place of retreat from the
humdrum of a tiresome day.
I seem to be raking up the past quite abit. Bringing these Peranakan houses to light, I
am revisiting my grandma's home in Penang she had once used to live. She later sold the
house and moved into a new terrace house. The thing about these pre-war shophouses
are that they are not only different but unique. If I could go back to this house, I could
appreciate it so much more and look at it with a whole new perspective. I wouldn't
dismissed everything around me as old and is time to replace them with the new. Just imagine, as one aged, one tend to look to the past to rekindle those memories of our
loved ones. All things old come alive with a story to be shared with the next generation.
Here is a photo of my uncle getting married. My mom came from a big family.

Back to my picture, there is this wooden signboard above the doorway that
denotes resident's status in the community. More commonly these signboards
signify prosperity and luck. During the pre-war years, it was customary for
 Chinese families to put a sign indicating their province of origin on the top
of the main door. As for the sign in my drawing, I wish you safety on your
going out and coming in. Linger around and enjoy a aromatic cuppa in
our traditional kopitiam cup from our corner coffee shop.