Monday, 30 July 2012

Empress Place


This weekend a visit to Asian Civilisation Museum turn out rather unexpectedly. Here is another piece of history, the building itself and the exhibits as well. Anyway, I decided
to take some pictures to put it up. This museum is dedicated to the civilisations, art
and culture of Asia. It also about the histories and orgins of Singapore's forefathers 
who came here for the past centuries.

Here is a bit of info about the building. It was built by Indian convicts between 1864
to 1867.  In the early 1900s government offices were housed here. Below is a sampan
       which means boat, derived from the Cantonese term for boats.
There are eleven galleries and three levels. Galleries featuring Singapore River past,
S. E. Asia culture & traditions, Chinese beliefs & origins, West Asia & Islamic history.

   First level foyer

Islamic Arts from South East Asia : Textile, pottery, chest, weapons & so forth
SOUTH EAST ASIA GALLERY :  Ming Chairs & Daybed & Chinese Calligraphy

Wooden Sculptures from Shanxi based on Chinese beliefs & Deities.

Ceramic Model of a Courtyard House In China

Treasures Of The Aga Khan : Paintings & Artefacts

Multi-media : Interactive Art comprising of Islamic patterns & motifs

Ornately Decorative Quran (Holy Book Of Islam)

A star-shaped tile. A tabouret (Iran) used as a stand for a cup or tray for courtly circles

Love peom verses inscribed on the 15th/16th century wooden panel. A pair engraved of wooden doors.

On our way out, stately Colonial Style Windows
Singapore's Oldest Bridge : Cavenagh Bridge (1869) with Fullerton Hotel in the background
Victoria Concert Hall is currently undergoing major renovation

There is so much to see at the museum. However, I did not spend the whole afternoon
there. Go there with somebody, it gets creepy when you are reading up on spirits in
a quiet dimly lighted gallery accompanied with fair share of statues on display. For
those who are curious about religion in this region, then head for this place to read
about it. Bye for now. Hope to be back soon.


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