Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Coffee, Tea . . or STEAK ?

Hello, once again. Been busy learning how to create patterns on the computer. I manage to do this poster with the help from Skillshare but struggling to get a pattern out. It seem like a long process for me from idea to design and the technicalities with the design program. My previous job experience teaching pre-school kids to draw on the computer has egged me to give Illustrator a try. It's about time to learn more and come out with something after seeing other artists' lovely works has inspired me. Who knows, maybe in the near future I can roll out some prints and patterns to sell.

Shop Facade

So I have shifted my focus to more important priorties like learning this Illustrator. I still have to break my resistance to draw. I should be drawing more but I lack the push to do it. I am here for an update, we had been going to this place for lunch after our first visit on Father's Day. The steak has us returning for more. Each time I was there I'll sneak a photo of the place. The shopfront looks spiffy and has menu for passerbys to decide over what to order.


Order At Counter

We usually have to wait a while for an empty table while the Dad will be in the queue to place our order. It's a no frills restaurant and we have to help ourselves to the cutlery, serviettes and sauces.

Barn Roof Ceiling

 I like the nondescript interior. Though stark, the trussed roof evoked a feeling of being in a barn at this restaurant in Holland Village. We still have not gone to other outlet.

Pared Down Interior

The AU wagyu D-rump is what we always order for our family five. It most worth it because it is WAGYU. It cost $99 and comes with four sides. We add on other favourites and it comes with two gravy. Don't forget the mustard and ketchup. Nothing taste better with a pat of Djion mustard and tomato ketchup on the steak for an added oommph.

On our first visit, we were amazed at the size of the steak and the way it was served. I guess you will too, if you see this. Wait till you taste the morsel of beef on your palate. It's so full of flavor and I am salivating just thinking about it. So, bye for now. Enjoy the weekend & the steak.

Wala !!!  Bon Appetit

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