Saturday, 8 July 2017

Hey, What's Cookin'

Hi all, after the Great Singapore Sale in June, we will be celebrating diversity and gastronomic taste at Singapore's Annual Food Festival 2017 happening from 14 - 30 July. Presently Heritage Town Festival, a prelude to this Food Festival is held in the precinct of Katong and Joo Chiat. SgEatsWithUs and other community partners like Singapore Kindness Movement, People's Association & NTUC-U heart are collaborating with Kim Choo Kueh Chang to organise this cooking demonstration at 106 Artiste Residency, in Joo Chiat Road. This was the address of the old kampong house of the late Ng Eng Teng, (a well known sculptor) where it once stood. It was torn down and rebuilt.

I was unaware about this event until my friend, Maya Tekwani told me about her forthcoming cooking demonstration. The event opened to the public, is fully booked so I asked Maya whether they would allow me to join the activity on Saturday morning. 

Together with her cousin, Seema Melwani, each will be dishing out their specialty Shepherd's Pie and Biscuit Pudding. Both are SgHomeChefs and another commercial chef, Eric Low from Lush Epicurean are invited to share their recipes with the participants. Here is Maya busy mashing Russet potatoes for her pie and Seema Melwani, her pudding almost done and ready to be chilled.

You may asked what is this SgEatWithUs. Well, it started in 2015 when we were celebrating our country's 50th birthday. It is a ground up movement set up with the help from SG50 Celebration fund by three friends to bring communities together through home cooked food done by home chefs. It had organised a few Pop-Up Food Carnivals that year and Maya participated at the ones held at Singapore Arts Museum.

That Jubilee weekend, SgEatWithUs food carnival was held at Waterfront Promenade. The event introduced a whole new lot of foods which we don't usually find at hawker stalls and restaurants. Local caterers were called in to help home chefs mass produce food for the public. This food movement is great for those who loves to cook and eat. I was there to participate in the biggest popiah party with Maya by rolling out spring rolls with her ingredients. There were many tables with different popiah fillings by different chefs. Since it was grand event, there were photographers and camera crew. Locals from different parts of society were there to take part in this popiah eating party. Quite an awesome and fulfilling experience it was.

Oh, it must be a dream come true for Maya and we are happy for her, to see . . .

Maya's pop-up stall. Selling dhokla. It is a soft and spongy Gujerati vegetarian
appetizer served with green chutney. If you google Maya Tekwani's dhokla,
you'll be able see her recipe.

Yums  : P

Wow  : D

My dear friend is very passionate about food. She cooks, bakes and dishes out delicious food. She makes curries, cakes, mitha lola . . She is so capable, seems like she can cook anything and enjoys every minute of it. I am glad to have a friend like her because of her enthusiasm, I am encourage to cook.

Bye for now. Hope to be back soon. If you want to try Maya's food,
you can check out her Facebook page, Maya's Kitchen Escapade.
We'll be back !

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