Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Grandma's Special Dish

New Year is celebrated with so much joy and auspicious symbolism. We catch up with old friends, visit our relatives and colleagues. We usually are very busy visiting relatives when we have a few older brothers or sisters, grand-uncles and grand-aunties, not forgetting our grandpas and grandmas if any of them is still around to visit. We greet each other with well wishes. However the younger generation seem get by with just a simple Happy New Year. Well .. I used to rattle a string of greetings to my aunties. We should instill this into our children and not expect angpows to be handed over to them. No proper greetings, no red packets.

Children obviously love the celebration, as they get to receive red packets. Those who are bachelors or bachelorettes (not spinsters, taboo nowadays) get one too. There'll be new year cookies, crackers & chips and sweets to snack on. It is a time of feasting and get-together for reunion dinner with our extended families.

When my nephew and his wife wanted to come by for the New Year visitation. I decided to cook him lunch and prepare the dishes my mother always served on every first day of the New Year. Steamed chicken, vegetarian dish and lotus root with pork soup. Simple and delicious. Most of all :- COMFORT Food reminiscent of Por Por's (grandma) culinary skills. I was pleased to hear him say, "tasted just like what Por Por used to make". We are blessed to savour the same dish again like it was just yesterday. I'll share the recipe with my niece for I know how much she has missed home and the home cooked food.

Here's to Wishing You
 A Happy & Prosperous 
New Year





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