Saturday, 2 November 2013

Deepavali Bazaar

Hello, hello . . . another festival to celebrate in Singapore. It's the Hindu's 'Festival of Lights'. A bazaar called the Deepavali Festival Village in between Hasting Road and Campbell Lane, opposite of Mustafa Centre is the place to go in Little India. I almost given this a miss but a change of heart made me want to go there to see their colourful apparels and wares. Every bazaar is different because of the traditions inherent in every culture. Being on the eve of Deepavali, I thought my visit would be mired by the crowds. It was not that bad after all, armed with my phone, here's is what I saw.

Clearance Sale

Kurtis (women clothing)

Intricate Embellished Bodice
Costume Jewelry


The Henna Store was very interesting look at. Young women had their hands adorn with elaborate pretty henna tattoo designs for this Deepavali celebration. It cost $10 to have it done on the hand and $15 extended to the arm.

Henna Stall

Henna Artist

Close Up Of The Henna Application

 Garland Stall

Roses & Jasmine For their Garlands

Decorative Oil Lamps

Glazed Oil Lamps

Decorative Lights

Snacks & Cookies

Spices & Seasoning Paste


Serangoon Road

Old Gates of the defunct New World Amusement Park

When I was done with the picture taking, I crossed the road and made my way to the nearby subway station. This gateway is reminiscent of a amusement park back in the 1930's. Glad I went, I could see the cute tiny oil lamps and floral candles on sale. Diwali involves lighting of small clay lamps filled with oil to signify the triumph of good over evil. Below is the a rangoli done by a teacher at one of the childcare centres I go to. Here's wishing all Hindu readers a Happy Deepavali.

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