Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Resolve no more, Just do it !

  Hello . . . a new year and it's already end of January. I was putting off posting because I’ve been busy with some art challenge. It’s was a last minute decision to jump in and take part. I had to break down that resistance even to pick up that pencil to sketch, always feeling it is not good enough. Now it’s whose going to care about your drawing, it is the action that matters. Guess what ?! I have not quit. I have posted my sketches on Instagram, for accountability on dot_y_dot. I am not up to latest posting but I can say everyday I pick up a piece of paper and pencil to start. Sometimes I get surprised that It turn out more than okay.

It has been a very cool month here on our sunny island. It was a rainy day on New Year's Eve and the second week’s temperatures went down to 22 deg Celcius. It hasn't been this cold since 2013. Started on Wednesday, feeling this chilly that whole week was wonderful. We always lament how nice to have such weather throughout the year. However, it was not sunny but dreary and I find myself missing the sun. Here’s how I feel when the sun finally take a peek.
Last day of the month is the rare sighting of the blood moon. A clear night sky is what we got after an afternoon of heavy rain with lightning and thunder around my place. Two days ago we had small hailstones pelting down in the north. I had to get out of my house to the open space to find the moon cause my windows wasn’t facing the east. It was small compared to other days and looked pale orange from where I was. With the bright lights from the lamp posts and buildings, made it impossible to get a sharp image. This is the best I got from my friend's friend who took this with the proper lens. My iPhone fail to capture the clarity of the sky. I was there for about 45 minutes before I was called away for something else. I was glad to witness this rare phenomenon.

So that’s all for now. I just updated with photos I had promised. Cheerios . . if you have an Instagram account, you don't forget to check out my post :- Dorothy Yong, dot_y_dot

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