Saturday, 29 June 2013

Rain and Hailstones ?

Hi, I'm back reporting about the weather conditions back here since I last left you with a bad haze outside my window on Thursday. The PSI stayed at unhealthy level and went on to hazardous level on Friday noon time. It surged to a new high of 401. Staying on high floor the haze was in our flat and we were breathing in polluted air. By now the low visibility and strong smell of the haze, has got everyone scurrying to get a piece of N95 mask. People queuing up for two or more just to get some. Come last Saturday morning the haze has gone down a bit and the atmosphere remain unchanged.

Fires started in Sumatra has gotten out of control. The Meteorological Services of Singapore picked up around 138 hot spots. The haze was carried across the region by winds that are part of the westerly monsoon season. Firefighters over there faced difficultly finding hot spots and also putting them out. Farmers use the slash and burn method to get rid of less productive crop, instead of machinery or hiring workers which they might not afford. It is cheaper with just 10 litres of diesel, the job gets done but what disastrous consequence comes along with it. When this is done on highly flammable peatlands, fires spread and smoulder underground making it tougher to snuff out completely. The firefighters also face daunting task of finding water source in these areas that are often under developed.

Once forest fires burn out of control, heavy rain is needed to alleviate this problem. This big blow out brought us to raise our concern on environmental issues with our neighbour, who then seriously stepped in to contain the situation through cloud seeding operation. Imagine their citizens constantly put up with such conditions every year, inhaling harmful particles into their lungs. Here I am, one more day of this I could scream. I missed the blue sky which I have not seen for a week. That Saturday I decided to go into pray. What else can I do ? ? But to ask God for his help. I set target for the haze to move back. As I pressed on I was encouraged to see things happening. But then I have to pray much more to see better results. When my hour of interceding was quite enough already, I thought why not start a prayer chain so I messaged the care group members to pray for winds to blow and rain to fall. Immediately after I stopped praying, the haze moved in again. I continued to believe something good will come out of it. Then the haze started to shift and some of them sent pictures of their place seeing sunshine. So excited to see a turnaround and the sky clearing. The next day, newspaper reported the winds had pushed the thick plume of haze over Singapore northwards and eastwards and the island lay under a small gap in the enveloping smoke. Awesome . . wasn't that a miracle or was it a coincidence?

Wait, I'm not finished yet. Then come the following Tuesday, when I saw that the haze was starting to creep in again. I dread to see a replay of the situation getting out of hand again after enjoying a sunny weekend. I let my fingers do the walking, I boldly messaged the care group members to pray for winds and rain to come. Very soon some of them messaged back to say that dark clouds were forming. At some places, it was already raining. When one of them sent pictures white little stones on the ground and said it was ice. We thought he was pulling our legs. It turned out to be true. It was raining hailstones in the western part of Singapore. Wow . . . we asked for rain and we also get ice cubes to put in our drinks. Obviously this is a very rare occurence. That afternoon the heavy rain brought down trees and branches. The rain we have been waiting for ever since the haze started. The hailstones were unlikely to be cause by the cloud seeding as that it too far away. I am totally awed by these two experiences. It must be God and he answered our prayers. Amen.

Well . . . we are still stuck with a little haze now and then. This weekend is going to be good and so will yours too. God Bless. Ciao

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