Thursday, 20 June 2013

Worst Haze Turning Into A Smog

This post is to document what worse weather conditions we face in 16 years history when thoughtless farmers burn their plantations to clear land for the next planting season. Or to make fertilizer. Woke up this morning to a acrid smelling haze which shrouded the whole island. The haze is so thick that buildings are no longer visible in the distance. This year we also faced the worst dengue outbreak in years. As fires continued to rage in neighbouring Sumatra. Air quality has reached unhealthy levels as it passes the 300 mark. The Pollutant Standard Index (PSI) was 321 last night. The highest so far in all these years and would continue to climb if weather conditions don't change.

So straight into the kitchen I went, to boil a pot of Barley Water for my family. To soothe the parched throats and flush out toxins from the bodies. It also strengthen our immune system and not succumb to sickness in this bad weather conditions. Here is another good thing about barley, it is a good source of vitamin B which helps in reducing excess cholesterol content of the body. Another drink I enjoyed is Sweet Potato Soup boiled with ginger and pandan leaves. Ginger reduces high blood pressure.

Well . . I have to get going even though the air outside is horrendous. I hope the sky will return to this state on good day like below. Then again looking at this worsening situation, it may last for weeks. I think I will put on a mask to filter the air that I breathe.  Bye . . . take care of your health. Drink more water.

On a Clear Day

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