Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Colonial Times

Oh . .  2014 already, time really flies when you are having fun that's what they say. For me, life was kind of mundane but 2013 did have it moments for me. New friends like colleagues came into and out of my life. It's a season or reason for them to been there, to learn from them and enrich your life even more.

Here is my drawing which was lying around the table the whole of last year. I kicked myself to put this out first thing of the new year. Blame it on my schedule or the lack of urgency to get it done. Hope this is to a good start for my blog.

What I love about this drawing is that it set you back to the 19th century, Doesn't those windows look kind of familiar ?  It sure reminds me of our renown Raffles Hotel in town. Here is a smaller version of the hotel's windows.  Sometimes being smaller makes a space cozier and it feels larger than life. Having varying elements of light, colour, texture, fragrance, humidity, breeze, sound and old stuff in a room thrill and titillate your senses. A room like this where a comfortable chaise lounge accompanied with a bureau makes a lovely study room to retreat to for some quiet reading and music to relax in. The decor conveys timelessness which makes me want to enjoy a moment of solitude a little bit more. With today's technological age, do you find it hard to get away ? We are so preoccupied with other peoples' tweet, Candy Crush game to keep ourselves busy in the queue or travelling on the train; instead of looking out of the window to enjoy the scenery if there is any. Gosh ! Do you think we need more time for ourselves and hear ourselves think.  Hello . . am I talking to you or is it just me ?

Anyway, thanks for dropping by and sincerely hope everyone has a better year ahead of them. Take care and God Bless. Gotta go.

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