Saturday, 1 February 2014

Still Palais Grandeur To Me

Chinese New Year is here once again, we are blessed with fine weather and clear skies making our family outing to our relatives place more enjoyable. Some dread the New Year and some celebrate the occasion with great aplomb. Tag along with me for a visit to a special place which we go almost every year on our rounds of visits. Our relatives happen to be caretakers of this heritage building and it feels like stepping back in time at this place. Ain't much of a festive mood though but we feel the warmness when we exchange greetings and give the children ang pows (red packets). We mingled and catch up with one another who we meet up only once a year. This year we had a little more fun, taking pictures again of the family members and also the place. Uncles and aunties taking turns to take a snap shot of the extended family.

I am sure many are curious about the history of this Grand Hotel which was built 1920 at Still Road. Wealthy cattle merchant Moona Kadir Sultan named the mansion Karikal Mahal after his hometown. Mahal means palace in Indian. In 1947, it was converted into a hotel consisting of 20 rooms. We were once treated to a tour of the place a few years back. It is really a privilege to be here once again even though how old and derelict this place seem. We just have to be contend with the company, open grounds and fine weather.

The facade facing the sea before the reclamation

Nice lawn to hold a tea party

The driveway at the back of the hotel

Separate Quarters

Mingle, Chat & Updating

Happily receiving Ang Pows

Pineapple Tarts !  Busy talking . . .

Getting ready for photo-taking

Come again next year

On the hindsight, it doesn't matter we came to such a place for a visitation. I am always particular about the condition of my home is not good enough to receive visitors. After hosting a reunion dinner for the extended family, I changed my perception. Every year our families will contribute a dish at whoever's home to celebrate the reunion dinner. Visiting our grand aunties and uncles is a genuine show of respect and concern for their well being. It's not so much about donning new clothes, stuffing yourselves silly in this new year season. Don't let the short of money to celebrate the new year with fanfare and grandeur rob you of the simple joy of the festive season. There are many other things to be thankful for. Here's wishing you good health and happiness.

* Our last visit was 2015.


  1. Wow! I think it must be nice experience to visit old nice building such as this! I am writing up blog on Katong as well. This mansion is one of them mentioned.

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