Friday, 14 February 2014

Amazing Sunset

This year Valentine's Day is so special because it coincides with the 15th day of the Chinese New Year (Chap Goh Meh) which is also the Chinese Valentine's Day. What make this post special is not about an absence of roses I wish I could receive. In place of that, what I got was nothing short of amazing. I am sure those who saw it and must have felt the same and stayed on for the unveil.

This evening around 6.30 at Tampines MRT Station, alot of people stopped and stood to gaze at the sky. I asked a lady what was going on and she told me about the strange colours in the sky.  When I looked up, it was just a crack of light and when it slowly widen, it showed a kaleidoscope of colours. It can't be a rainbow as the colours were spread out. People gathered and swelled, hoping to see more behind those dark clouds. There was a silver lining at one point when the sun shifted and a flash of lighting later in the clouds. Thank goodness for our phones, we could easily capture a rare sighting. In the background where I stood, music was coming from the speakers of the mime artist. It was surreal - the crowd, the music and the sky. Kinda of like a scene from one of those epic movies, LOL.

It was so unusual. Nothing I have ever seen in my life on this small island. It's like a glimpse of heaven on earth. So wonderful and I stood in awe of Him.

What's this strange phenomenon ? Is there an explanation to this ? I felt the presence of God moment for me. Bye for now and God Blessed.

2 days later . . . Monday

What a coincidence, my friend sent me an e-mail on Rare Natural Phenomenon That Happens On Earth. In it I saw something similar so this was a fire rainbow ! It occurs when sunlight refracts off horizontal ice crystals in high level cirrus clouds. The sun is at least 58 degrees above the horizon. The refraction of light is always parallel to the horizon which is why it can look like a large halo of refracted light. I think I will share this with you too :


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