Sunday, 16 March 2014

Old Charm Katong To Hip Watering Holes

Katong is enjoying a revival with new eateries sprouting along East Coast Road. With many food outlets open, we are spoilt for choice as there is a wide selection of different cuisine to choose from. The old hawker food such as rojak, tau kwa pau have already left the food scene. Haze has started to creep in and also with the dry weather, explains why the photos are fuzzy.

Ali BaBa
Coffee shop by day, Watering hole by night.

Dessert shop - AWFULLY Chocolate

Famous Katong Laksa

In the 1970s, this corner coffee shop used to be a stationary shop. During December, I would go there my cousin to shop for Christmas cards.

Joo Chiat Police Station

In the near future, a hotel and a shopping centre has been slated for this place. This building that was built in 1928 will be conserved by the developers. Driving along this road will be a headache because the two lane won't be able to handle the heavy traffic. It would really be nice to have flea market there and shop for artisan goods and wares. Further down the road, is this new building.


Many expats have moved in to East. Many old apartments have made way for new condos. Once it was Rose Garden, now is by The Shore.

The Shore Residence

Mexican Restaurant

Fish & Chips, Vietnamese Sandwiches, Burgers, Steaks, etc

German Restaurant - BROTZEIT

Thai Barbecue Restaurant - MOOKATA

Indian Restaurant - Zaffron Kitchen


This corner cafe replace the laksa and rojak stalls which were around last year. A mama shop was further down this five foot way. Don't you just wish, I should have taken a shot of it when it was around ? ? ?  Vanishing trade, vanishing scene.

Pretty Five Foot Way
So, are there any more local food around to retain the Peranakan vibe that Katong is famous for? Yup, there is still delicious chicken rice and true blue Peranakan food for you to tuck into. Bak Kwa (barbecue sliced pork) and Kueh Kueh (Peranakan snacks), too.

Assortments of dumplings & kuehs - KIM CHOO

Takeaway - CHAKEYS

Rumah Bebe

You simply have to step into this shop to get a feel of what a Peranakan Shophouse is all about. The interior ooze of old world charm with its impressive gilded screen. It's entry flanked with traditional pintu pagar.

Beaded Slippers - Kasot Manek

Ladies can buy a Sarong Kebaya and be transform into a Nyonya from these two shops along this stretch of shophouse.

MAKAN means EAT In Malay

This shot taken off the glass panel at Santa Grand Hotel. The batik motifs, the peranakan floor tiles and the row of old residential houses in the background, most of which have converted for commercial use, reflects the essence of Katong's Peranakan Heritage. Do come down to rediscover the new alongside with the old. Plenty to makan that's for sure. Bye for now.

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