Thursday, 16 October 2014

By Gorge, This Is Awesome

Hi there, my other son came back from a schooI trip from Japan. I thought it would
be wonderful to share some of the photos he has taken. Here is a glimpse of some of
the beautiful scenery he got to enjoy. 

Hi, I am Ryan and this entry is written as guest to my mom's blog. Earlier this month, I went on a school trip to Japan. It was a definitely a remarkmable journey into another culture. We touched down at Fukuoka Airport in Kyushu which is the third largest island, south west of Japan. We were fortunate we were not affected by the typhoon that hit Japan but it rained on and off that whole day.
During the trip, we visited many places of attraction both cultural and scenic spots. Brimming with history was Kumamoto Castle and mythology were the shinto shrines. Apart from sightseeing, visits to the car & motor factories were part of our educational tour. We got to experience a farmstay for a night and attended bamboo craft workshop. The best time was spent trekking along Takachiho and Kikuchi Gorge.
Kumamoto Castle
400 year old
Kushida Shrine

House in Mojiko Retro Town 

Kumamoto prefecture


Throughout this short hike up the gorge, the temperature was a little chilly. The sound of footsteps on the pebbles, running water amid the lush greenery that surrounded us, felt very calming and serene indeed. Seen here were beautiful waterfalls and rocky banks.

Miyazaki prefecture

The Takachicho Kyo gorge is so different from the previous one we went. Located deep into the mountains, it is a ravine formed by the volcanic basalt from Mount Aso. Steep cliffs lined the sides of the Gokase River and 17 meter high Manai Falls cascading from the precipitous cliff was simply breathtaking.

We also went to this cave, Amano Yasukawara. A simple shrine is dedicated to the sun goddess. According to Japanese mythology, this was where she, Amaterasu hid after her brother destroyed her palace until other gods lured her out.

We also had the privilege to visit the proximity of Mount Aso, touted to be the largest volcano on earth. However due to the eruption level, warning was being raised in August 2014. With the closing of the facilities meant little photos could be taken.

Mount Aso

During this trip, we also spent a night at a homestay with a Japanese family. Our host, Ms Masugata; her hospitality was a very welcoming and warm one. Not to mention that we got to help out harvesting Japanese persimmons from a tree outside their home. When dinner time came around, my group and I were treated to a generous feast only a Japanese family could offer. So much food kept flowing out of the kitchen as we ate, that we suggested having leftovers for breakfast too.

Group photo with Ms Masugata & Husband

Alas, my holiday in Japan has come to an end. My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the homestay. I have seen so much throughout this trip that I can share with you the beautiful gorges we visited. I returned to Singapore after an enjoyable week long trip in Fukuoka. 

~ X o X ~

Mom : I thanked God for the safe trip and keeping all of them out of harms way. Second typhoon Vongfong smashed through Japan and made landfall in Kyushu on Monday, 5 days after he is back. Phew !

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