Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Lavender Food Square, Gonna Miss You

Hi everybody, it's about time I should be putting up another post. Been under the weather and busy. I knew about the closing of Lavender Food Square but didn't know it was extended till the end of the month. I haven't been going there for the last three months to eat my fill of wanton noodles. Thought I'll go down to take a last look of the place before it demolish to make way for a new building. My family came here quite often to enjoy a satisfying dinner of noodles and dumplings.

Most of the stalls have already moved out to new locations. Glad to see my two favourite stalls are here on the last day. Die hard foodies of the wanton noodles are queuing to get a last plate of the delectable traditional wanton noodles.

The food and place hold special memories for me. Having dinner here with my late mother. Feeding my children when they were young. The stallholders of this famous wanton noodles although old and look the just the same twenty years ago. They still have the stamina to man the stall dishing out many plates of noodles. I don't think they need the money looking at the brisk business they are doing. Besides they are charging quite high for their plate of noodles; labour and ingredients don't come cheap anymore. It's hard for them to hire help. They will be taking a break before reopening at somewhere further down the road in another six months time.

This is the other stall I like to eat from. I love this because of the simple yet tasty soup that go with the noodles.

 Farewell Lavender Food Square. Thank you for the good food.

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