Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Victoria Theatre Reopens

Colonial Architecture

Last weekend, Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall was opening its doors to the public for two days to view the newly renovated grand old dame. Once known as Victoria Memorial Hall was built in honour of the late Queen Victoria of England who died in 1901. This is the oldest performing arts centre in Singapore built between 1855 and 1862, originally used as a town hall with a theatre and some meeting rooms and offices.

Theatre Hall

After a 4 year refurbishment, the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall re-opened its doors on Tuesday, 15th July. The 152 year old national monument returns with modernised facilities, and much of its original architecture preserved. On seeing the impressive photogaphs of the place in the newspaper prompted me to drop in to snap some photos for you. Besides my family had often gone there to attend my son's performances and band competition ever since he joined the school band in primary three. I have not been to the theatre wing so far. The concert hall was the only place we been. Sure was a good chance to see the rest of the building.

Foyer at the Concert Hall Building

Hall on the ground floor

       This hall here look elegant and stately with its polished marble flooring, statuesque                columns and imposing doorways, exuding grandiose charm. 

A New Spiral Staircase 

Theater Foyer

Recycled timber back seat backing on walls & ceiling

Stairway to 3rd level

Looking at the opposite side Atrium

The other side of the Atrium

At the back of the 3rd level

Still at its original place, the bust of Sir Andrew Clarke

Plague to commemorate Queen Victoria
In memory of those who were killed during the mutiny in Singapore in 1915 
Concert Hall

It was an busy Sunday and I didn't queue up for the free performance in the concert hall or theatre. I have no pics of the performance halls and these two pictures were taken by my son the day before. He was there before I even suggested it. I am sure this place holds a lot of special memories for him and many more to come.

Taken from the 2nd level

Stairway to the Main Atrium

 The rest of the family wanted to leave for home because of homework
and whatnot. Let's check out the restroom before we go.

Washroom in monochromatic colour scheme in subdue lighting

These are all I manage to take. I felt disenchanted that I didn't go into that theatre or climb up to the clock tower and miss out on the tour because of time constraints. I know I will be back here again for my son's future band performances. 

Till then . . . bye for now as we trip along Queen Elizabeth Walk to the MRT

Hooray for Clear Skies

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