Monday, 30 June 2014

Sweltering Nights

It's been an unusually warm month reported in the newspaper. Sure glad it wasn't about me going through some menopause or something. The heat during those couple of nights were unbelievable. I was constantly sweating all over like I was in a sauna. There was no breeze and with Jordin Sparks singing No Air on the radio fuel the irritation.

At a time like that, it is best to retreat to the air conditioned room to cool off. However the air conditioner in our home has recently decided to end its run of long service by blowing out just air. The temperature outside was at 28.3 deg C and falling asleep was not easy. We definitely have to replace the existing aircon unit with a new one. When the haze come around, we won't be breathing in smoke particles. Meanwhile, haze from Indonesia's Riau province has spread to western peninsular Malaysia. Anyone out there has a good second hand air con to give away ?

Quick cool showers and sometimes in the middle of the night helps to get back to sleep. This hot weather all I can wish for is air con, cold drinks and desserts. It was wonderful that I stumbled into this a new place for a refreshing dessert. After eating this mango pomelo crushed ice dessert made me want to go back for seconds at one sitting. It was that good. This dessert is sold at Suntec City basement, opposite Food Republic Food Court under the name of All Things N'Ice. Other offerings are the Gula Melaka Ice Kachang, Bobo Cha Cha. When they first started last year, All Things Mango cost $5.80. Then to $4.20. Maybe that's why we didn't think of stepping in to give it a try. After some reviews, they have tweaked the pricing and dessert, it's more reasonable at $3.80.

3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-165/166

Sitting by the edge of Fountain Of Wealth at Suntec City Mall
That is a nice and cool place to sit back and chill, watching the water fountain.

Refreshing Sight

We will not give this dessert cafe a miss the next time we go there. Till the next visit I pray for good weather to be upon our sunny island and the haze to stay away. Bye and take care.

how about putting my feet up  ; ) and enjoy the moment

* The dessert stall is no longer there.
   Updated on 4/2/2017 
   No more my favourite dessert. 

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