Saturday, 24 May 2014

Been To An Art Fair lately?

Hi there, we got lovely weather this Saturday. The haze might return again any time soon and whenever the weather is fine, I'm so thankful. The Affordable Art Fair opens this weekend at the F1 Pit Building again. I have missed the previous editions and many a times I felt like going but didn't. For this month's post, I should make a trip down. I am no serious art collector but I love, love art. Who knows, a visit there will spur me to press on with my drawings. Doing art is good therapy for the soul but it takes a lot of patience & determination to see the project through.

Affordable Art Fair started in London by Mr Will Ramsay in 1999. The fair has  been around the world in cities like New York, Milan and Hong Kong. Ain't I glad I am going to the 100th edition which happens to be in Singapore. This is also the first May edition launched after it decided to go biannual. There are 82 galleries participating this time around. Here are some of my favourites. The child in me took delight in these whimsical creations.

The fair is bustling with art activities. A free cup of coffee to sample brewed by baristas at the Nespresso counter. Visitors can try their hand at pottery at workshops run by Thow Kwang Pottery. A gallery assistant handed me a magnifying glass to examine closely the finer details in the drawing done by a Japanese artist. It was meticulously done. Then there were 3-dimensional pastel lips made from straws. No photography, please. Otherwise throughout the whole fair, visitors were allowed to snap away at any art pieces that capture their attention. Below is our local artist at work.

Judging from the pics I took, there were many interesting, fun pieces to look at. Great fun I had even though I was there on my own. Bye for now . . . till then, I wish for blue skies and everything nice. May your hearts be fill with LOVE  ; )

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