Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Idyllic Country Living


I didn't expect to be posting again about a place we visited during our Chinese New Year visitation. Nevertheless, was given another address to visit an aunt who has put up with another daughter, brought about a change in venue. I was delighted when the address led us to this black and white clusters of colonial houses which I dream of setting foot in. To say I was delighted was an understatement, I was thrilled ! We ever drove past this place admiring the charming neighbourhood with its laid back houses that were built around the late 1920's to house officers from Britain's Royal Air Force before the outbreak of World War II. Yes, we were in Seletar, located in the north-east coast of Singapore. Part of it is undergoing redevelopment into a new Aerospace Hub. 174 colonial homes are to be demolish. Where we were, houses are spared because they are outside the perimeter of the proposed aerospace park zone. It will be conserved to retain the area's rich historical past into a heritage site.

On our way there, we saw on the signboard up ahead was Piccadilly Circus. I didn't know we have a Piccadilly Circus in Singapore. Since the British were here before, some street names emulate the names in London such as Oxford Street, Sussex Garden, Maida Vale, just to name a few.

White washed walls with black coloured skirting & window frames

These semi detached houses have wide verandas, stuccoed columns, high ceiling, louvers for ventilation and overhanging eaves to keep out the rain. Some installed black & white bamboo chick blinds to keep out the glare from the sun. Matured trees provide much shade in the spacious garden at the front and back of the house.

Being here filled me with a sense of bliss, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, away from the close proximity of highrise living and away from the crowded heartland shopping malls. Spending a few quiet moments here really help to reduce the stressfulness of city life.

There was even a swing in the garden hanging from the branch of the tree. Something I would draw in a picture when I was a kid. Felt so carefree and happy the I couldn't resist the swing too.

Here is the front porch. The interior of the house wasn't so spacious after all.

Dining Room

Living area could be extended to the back of the house next to kitchen to make room for more lounging. The layout on the ground floor is L-shaped. There is also a small room at the back of the house. Below is picture of another occupant's home from Expat Living magazine who has since moved out for development.

Coming here, I come to realise the tranquil living in this kind of quiet, bucolic countryside setting actually existed. It also like stepping back in time when things were much simpler. Although mountains and hills are missing from our landscape but the lushness of the foliage will suffice. These old houses are so precious. They defined our history. If they have to be torn down, can't we replicate these buildings in another undeveloped part of our island. Imagine we have nothing much to reflect our history. On a final note, I am blessed to have this opportunity to step into a heritage home. Goodbye for now.

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