Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Rustic Kampong Ambience

Hi everybody, just last week I had a short break at a resort in Malaysia. Had a wonderful time away from household chores giving my tired muscles a much needed rest. This resort nestled in a golf course is surrounded by vastness of space, greenery and sky. It brought instant relief to my spirit

What I like most about the resort were few buildings that were built in the traditional Malay style. I enjoyed exploring the place and taking pictures. I let the pictures do the talking at this Pulai Spring Resort in Johor.

Side View Of the Halfway House

Curvy Barge-boards to the Ornate Gable

The roof is embellished with decorative barge boards, fascias and embossed design
on the gable.

Pitched Timber Roof Truss

The Malay house's truss roof structure is sufficiently pitched with wide eaves
and gable-side overhang to protect the timber walls against the weather. 

Pulai Pavillion


At the Opposite End
Traditional Malay palaces and houses are works of arts in their own right with their clever method of construction. It can be assembled without a nail being used. Their architecture are beautiful in design, scale and proportion.

Detail carving of the balastrade

In kampongs (Malay word for village), you'll see fowls strutting about.
I saw these birds confined to an enclosed space.


Here's a beautiful perfect pink torch ginger flower basking in the afternoon sun.
Time to head back to the hotel to relax in my cosy hotel room.

Infinity Pool

The scenery at the hotel's pool is breathtaking but I would rather lounge
in the cool comfort of my room. Till then . . . take care

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