Friday, 31 July 2015

Every Singapore Son's Rite of Passage

Hi, it's the end of July and something worth noting down, is seeing my second son off to his National Service. It is much easier this time for me as I saw my oldest son went through the toughest and survived. You never understand Mother's heart. No matter how much they have grown, we hold them close to our hearts because they are more precious than the jewels money can buy. I know our National Service is a very good training ground by our Government to transform them from Boys To Men. I haven't seen him scrub the toilet for me but he sure will have this opportunity to do so at Pulau Tekong. They will be able to handle menial task to defending our nation. Well, I'm grateful of course, he will shed off a few pounds along the way for free.

On their first day of enlistment, parents are invited to go along to send them off. It was like an orientation for us to see what they are in for and also to give us an assurance that they will be safe throughout the whole training. Sometimes, accidents do happen and that is where I put my trust in the Lord to see him through.

I know it will be rough the first few days. When you look back in future, may this be one of your challenging and yet rewarding experience in your life. I see how your Dad recalls so many stories and amusing moments he spent with other buddies during his NS days. Not forgetting some strange creepy encounters. Well, I don't mean to scare you.

Thank you for spending some of your time here with me today. So long for now. Bye . . 

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