Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Hazy Daze

Hi, it's been awhile since my last post. I didn't go out much of my way to snap more shots to post. I have been working on the last drawing, cleaning out the muddied spots and making it good to sell on Esty. I feel like a carver slowly chipping the wood every now & then working on my craft whenever I have the time. It's very slow but I believe I will get there.

Most of our days here are affected by haze. Only glad that it did not spoil our National Day celebrations. Being our Golden Jubilee year, the Black Knights put up a great aerobatic display. We went out to catch it and be a part of our National Day celebrations. To hear the jets whizzed by was a thrill. To see the stunts they pulled was exhilarating.

The sky that day wasn't exactly clear. Nevertheless it was much better than the week before because it rained. With this haze stretching for so long. Mothers are worry for their sons going through NS training. Earlier this month we were invited the attend a Meet The Parents session at my son's camp. I was baffled as to why there was such a meeting. Meet the parents session are usually held during schooling years. Anyway we had to get up so early that we caught the sunrise on that hazy Saturday morning.

When we got down from the ferry, the boys were waiting to receive their parents. Each handed their parents a gift. In it was a cup and a precious printout of their weight loss. It has their before and after photos of themselves. Nine weeks in there, all the sweating melted their fats away. We were very happy for our son as he lost 10 kg. I don't think he would achieve that without the weekly routine of training and exercising. It was tiring for him to say the least. In the auditorium, we were treated to a montage of their candid moments in camp. Caught my son sitting in the chair waiting for his haircut. The officers briefed us about the progress they have made and what they will do in the coming weeks. When parents were asked whether they have any questions. Some voiced out concerns about their son's injury and why they got to know about it so late. As in later into the day. My son is still adjusting. Hang in there for a few more weeks till December, son.

Weekend is here again. Looking forward to food, rest and sleep.
 As for me, time to do his laundry : ( 
 Till the next time, bye and take care.


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