Sunday, 13 December 2015

Passing Out Parade

12th Dec 2015       

Hi, what am I doing so early in the morning again. I am here to see the sun rise on
my left and attend my son's basic military training graduation. This will wrap up
his days of training. This is the day all of them are so looking forward to.


The recruits marched their way here on a 24km route march from Changi Ferry Terminal to the Marina Bay Platform for their graduation ceremony. So many parents turned up and it was like going for our National Day Parade. What better way to mark the end of the SG50 celebrations with this event that meant close to my heart. At the start of his BMT course in Tekong; a clip showing Mr Lee Kuan Yew stating that a strong military defence for a small country like ours, is vital and at the end of my son's course, at this Graduation Parade, his name being mentioned again. We remembered and missed him who recently passed on in March this year.

Playing in the background is the song singing 'Why Must We Serve?' is a good reminder to the boys the importance of their military training. My son moaned and groaned each time we send him off to camp.


It was a lovely and fine day we had hope for. Our sons will be graduating. Their efforts and endurance throughout the strenuous training had paid off. Our National Service equips recruits with basic military skills and knowledge. Also instilling in them a new perspective in the purpose of serving. A special thanks goes out to their Officers and Sergeants in charge. (especially to Apache Coy Platoon 2)

Parade March-In & March Out 

Proudly marching out in their full battle order, are the graduating cohort from SAF Basic Military Training Center and 4th battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment. They had marched through the night and reached The Platform at around 4am. This route march is the culmination of the physical and mental preparation by the boys over the period of four months.

It was heartening to watch them break into the BMT Roar. The highlight of the parade was seeing the recruits fling their caps into the air in jubilation to mark the end of their journey. Congrats & Well Done. You have push through, son !

Haven't seen him smile so happily for a long time

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