Thursday, 24 December 2015

Cool Conservatories

Gaze at the fluffy clouds set against the clear blue sky and the view of the Marina
Bay skyline! Seems like a page out of a story book in Toyland. We seized the day
and came by Gardens By The Bay's conservatories to a much awaited visit. With
the Christmas season in the air, decorations are up. Here at the Flower Dome, we
explored the different gardens in cool dry climate of Mediterranean, Californian,
South African and Australian landscape. The Flower Dome is the lower and larger
of the two domes. 



I,OOO year old Olive Tree

Palm Trees

Bronze Sculpture

Pollen Restaurant

Bottle Tree, Cactus & Succulent

The Flower Dome was completed in Feb 2011. With the passing of time,
it's great to see the trees and plants grown and flourished. For those who
visited the gardens before, after it was officially opened, should come
by again for another visit. The Gardens at Bay South have blossomed
into a lovely, lush, verdant park.

* * *
Cloud Forest

The Falls

At the Cloud Forest, a cool moist atmosphere is simulated to resemble
a forest shrouded in mist. It features 38 metre high epiphyte clad walls
on the man-made structure with a cascading waterfall. Wow, the minute
we stepped into the Dome. We have never been so closed to a waterfall.

Heading To The Mountain

We took the elevator to the top floor and climbed up a flight of
stairs to Lost World.

Lost World

Cloud Walk

Mist being released into the air. Cloud forest are home to huge
biodiversity of rare flora and intriguing epiphytes.

Anthurium Flowers

Treetop Walk

This walkway is thirty metres above the rainforest floor. Supposedly
among the tallest trees that have grown high to reach the sunlight.

Picturesquely Enchanting

Into the Secret Garden

After taking a tour of the two domes, it would be best to post all the lovely
flowers I have seen in the next post. There were so many different variety
of blooms. Leaves that come in all sort of sizes, shapes, colors and texture.
 We were totally awed by what we saw. Stay tuned.
* * *
Sun Pavilion


Sun Pavilion is situated outside of the conservatories. It houses plants
of the prickly and spiky kind and succulents too. A white cactus tree is
not something we get to see so often. It was opened early last year.

* * *
Supertree Grove

 So much for now. Wishing a you Happy Holidays filled with peace & joy.

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