Saturday, 23 January 2016

Old School Memories

It's the start of the year and it's back to school. For those waiting for their results are still in transition. My New Year started well with a gathering with my ex-secondary school mates. Recalling fond memories and some of the classmates whom we lost contact with. We are chummy bunch of girls, young at heart who still gel with each other. Mainly because the last two years of our school life was a blast. Some with kooky personalities liven up the class. The laughter we shared, the jokes that the teacher told were the main reasons that made learning in school so much fun. Some of the girls' laughter were so infectious, eventually the whole class ended up laughing. I had never laughed so hard until some cried. Laughing is the best medicine cause I went home happy to my mundane life. Those were the days of watching Charlie Angels and Donny & Marie Shows.

The secondary school I went to was St. Anthony's Convent and graduated in 1978. This was at 111 Middle Road. The Singapore Design Center moved in March 2014 and it is about time to go into this old building to see how they have renovated it. Actually I was more interested in how this new place look because I spent four years of my life there. Never imagine now we would have National Library just across the road. The exterior of the building remain unchanged and what on the inside surprises me. Seems like a whole new place now.

The protruded balcony on the second floor

The Ground Floor Where The School Hall Was  

The New Exhibition Space

Staring into this void was where we had science experiments at the laboratory on the highest level. Home economics classes on the middle level. Litmus paper, bunsen burner, test tubes, cutting stems to examine it's cross-section under the microscope and the unpleasant experience of dissecting a frog and a rabbit. We were squirmish about it and put off by the smell. Eww . . . but it had to be done anyway. I had to muster every ounce of courage in me to get it over with. It was tough when you have a soft spot for furry animals.

The tree in this picture is no longer there today. I remembered our class was out here sketching in the compound for one of my art lessons.

Usually if we were in the school early, we would cross over to the back lane behind the Post Office for food, drinks and snacks. There were a few sarabat stalls in the 1970s.

Below was one of the spots, the altar next to the side gate was where we girls would have our class photo taken for our year book.
The Lady Of The Rosary

National Library Building On The Left

During our time, I think we were the only school that have air conditioners in our class rooms. The school was at the busy junction of Victoria Street and Middle Road. That kept out the noise level of the traffic down so we could concentrate better. Besides there were no trees, no shade, having air cons also keep out the exhaust fumes from the vehicles below.

Sister Cecily Pavri was our Secondary Four Biology Teacher before she was a Principal. I enjoyed her lessons very much. She always made us laugh.

The folding metal door which we enter the premises at this side of the building is gone. The new entrance is at the other corner of the building. The stairway over there has been removed. On some Saturdays, we saw the Sisters distributing rations to the poor and elderly here. Acts of charity is evident in the Canossian ethos. Our Foundress, Blessed Magdalene of Canossa is an epitome of benevolence and selflessness. She answered her calling to serve Christ by helping the poor. I loved it when Founder's Day came around because it is also my birthday. Yay ... no lessons !

Before I end, I remembered  I had the privilege of helping the needy children too,
organised by my church. You can click at Outreach At Batam to read about it.
I can't imagine one day, I actually walk the talk for one weekend.
 Till then . . . bye for now.

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