Monday, 29 February 2016

Tarts And Hearts

Pineapple Tarts

Hi, I want to say goodbye to February on this special day because it's 29th February. It is not often you get 29th every year. I had a nice Chinese New Year celebration eating all the tarts, cookies & tidbits like shrimp rolls, cuttlefish seaweed, ngaku (arrowhead) chips. For me snacking on these comes around once a year. This year we started eating pineapple tarts two weeks ahead of the celebration. I couldn't wait for the New Year. I would try the tarts before picking the right stall to buy from. Pastry for the pineapple tarts have to be rich, buttery and melts in your mouth texture. It is top with caramelized grated fresh pineapple with just the right sweetness. I found the best tarts and my family finished two small canisters just before Chinese New Year Eve. When I went back to buy one more, they were already sold out. So happy that I was able to afford more because in recent years, I had to forgo these new year goodies. Homemade cookies do not come cheap. It cost from $16 - $22. 

Strawberry Jelly Hearts Cheesecake

This year, the seventh day of the lunar new year which is Human Birthday coincide with Valentine's Day. Here is another delectable treat to celebrate this day. I came across this at our friends' hi-tea gathering. It has three layers. The bottom layer is biscuit base and cheesecake in the middle and jelly on the top. You can look up the recipe on the internet. Actually, you can also offer your loves ones some love letters. For those abroad, love letters are also one of our new year snacks. It is paper thin crispy rolls.

Love Letters
(Kuik Kapit)

Well, tata and a big hug for now.

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