Thursday, 31 March 2016

Some Unexpected Adventures

Hi, hi, here I am once again. Do you notice after all these times I down to two loyal members following my blog. One had opt out of the list. I still don't quite get this following thing. I myself don't follow other celebrities or friends and I am not out to build a following anyway, so why be bother by it. That's my thought for the day. I write for myself, to keep my words flowing & my mind active. I am not good with speaking up in front of a group of friends and a friend even finished up my sentence for me. Impatience I suppose or was I acting like a sloth. I read somewhere it's rude to do that. Guess everyone has their weakness and strength.

April 2011

I find my myself ageing. Life is certainly a journey. When I was in my teens, finding the right person to marry was the ultimate objective then, to start a family of your own. At least I have a found a life partner who loves children as much as I do. I loved the times I spent with my young niece and nephew. Having children is not a chore, though I must admit sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming. It is giving your time to a little individual of yours love, guidance and nurturing him or her.

We took our toddlers to the zoo, parks, beach to show them a brand new world. As they grow, gradually it is their turn to take us places which sometimes revisit our school days. Attending their sports day, award giving ceremonies, open houses and band performances are all part of it. I also have the pleasure of going to places, like a walk in the ship, watching an action-packed naval display, or an air force museum which I never dream of.

April 2014

Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall 

Symphony Stage @ Botanic Garden

Rescue operation to a ship under siege (2013)

Frigate is a warship.

From the sea to the air . . . . at Air Force Museum at Paya Lebar, Airport Road.

February 2016

E-2C Hawkeye

Hawker Hunter



Whoa is what I say to myself, to see such machines at close range. Thanks
to taking up parenting. I would have missed out on such opportunities.
Got to go. Bye for now.

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