Thursday, 18 August 2016

Joseph Schooling Week

Hi there, it's been a Joseph Schooling Week for me. Ever since he picked up a gold at the Rio Olympics for the men's 100 m butterfly event beating the 3 swimming greats. He surpassed their 51.14 mark and broke a new record at 50.39. His feat relegated Michael Phelps (USA), Laszlo Cseh (Hungary) and Chad le Clos (South Africa) to a joint silver. We were ecstatic. Was in a state of euphoria that Saturday morning, 13th August. His win captivated the whole of Singapore. He made history.

Joseph Schooling fulfilled our country dream in winning a gold for our small young nation. His pursuit of his very own dream took years of training, dedication and perseverance. All would not have been possible if not for his parents, Mr & Mrs Schooling's support, belief and sacrifices. I admired the boy for being so focus and discipline throughout his whole journey. We must not forget his coach Sergio Lopez being there for him too.

We are very proud of him. I am sure everyone wants to do a shout out to him, to congratulate him. For the whole week Joseph Schooling came back to a idol's welcome. Hundreds turned up to catch a glimpse of him. In my lifetime, I am glad to witness such a life changing event. Wishing You Joseph, more gold medals in future endeavours.

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