Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Welcome To A Live Show

I was at home watching the encore telecast of the President Star Charity Show, waiting to catch a glimpse of my son on TV on this Saturday afternoon. My family was able to watch the show live. Many thanks to his band conductor, Mr David Glosz who got this lobang (Malay word for opportunity) for the symphonic band to perform in the show, hence we got free tickets. This fund raiser started by former President S R Nathan when he came into Presidency is an annual event already now into its 17th year. A special tribute was paid to him who recently passed on in August. 

We were looking forward to going to the new Mediacorp Building at One-North to catch the show on 23rd October, Sunday evening. Watching it live at the MES Theatre, we were able to experience the dynamics of running the show. The cameraman came on stage to circle around the singer. We heard the production crew shouting the countdown. Everything on television flow seamlessly but over here we saw emcees and artistes stepping in & out of the stage. On television the stage look vast but in reality the stage was not that wide but rather deep to accommodate the choir or the band and the dancers. We liked how the show started and was mesmerized. I especially liked the upbeat number 'Fire To The Floor' by Sezairi Sezali and the set backdrop when Aisyah Aziz sang Paloma Faith's 'Only Love Can Hurt Like This'. It was stunning. Another favourite was 'Defying Gravity' sung by Jacqueline Hughes from a musical Wicked.

That weekend we had to ferry our son for rehearsals. On that very day, he had to be there by one o'clock and the show starts at 7.30 pm and ends at 9.30 pm. The father commented about so much time was being spent for just a three minute performance on stage. That comment jogged my memory, I suddenly recalled my involvement in my school choir. I should be no stranger to that and it has slipped my mind completely. How we waited for our turn when we went for competition at the now defunct iconic National Theatre and Conference Hall. Our secondary choir, St Anthony's Convent also went on a video shoot at Mount Faber and Wisma Indonesia at Orchard Road to record Alex Abisheganaden 1976 winning national song - 'Salute to Singapore'. That took us the whole day. Sadly, my mom didn't tag along to take photographs. I remembered an Angmoh lady taking photo of me and my schoolmates while waiting at National Theatre. Or maybe my choir mistress, Mrs. C Kanagarajah might still have photographs of it. Anyway I looked through my school yearbook and found this, well it's was not frame up like this, ha ha.

It has been a star struck year for me. Sometime in August, on a Saturday, my family also attended another free concert called Getai, sort of a Christian outreach. Thanks to my Pastor we were given free tickets to bring friend along but they weren't interested. We went anyway, not to waste a free show. We were blown away when Huang Qishan aka Susan Huang took the stage to sing. I had no idea we were going to watch such a powerhouse from China whose vocal range is amazing. She could jazz up her songs. What a class act! Certainly gave me goosebumps listening to her sing  离不开你 , 牵手.

Three more occasions where I had the opportunity to enjoy live performance. It felt totally uplifting and when I look back on 2016, this is what make this year so special. It is really a treat for me as it has been years since I attended pop concerts. After I watched Ms Huang Qishan, she changed my perspective about Chinese singers.

Also earlier my church held a mini show for the under privilege residents around the church. The highlight of that evening was a mask changing act called Bian Lian. An ancient art originated from Sichuan province in China where the Chinese opera performer changes his masks at the swipe of his hand or flick of his head with lightning speed. It was astounding to watch the myriad of colourful masks with different expressions. I saw everyone in the audience were spellbound.

What do you know ?!!  I am so blessed to be watching the No 1 Female Voice in Asia and closely guarded art form of China without flying out of here.

Then we head down to Timbre+ one evening located at One North. It is a cool hipster gastro hawker joint housed in the former Ayer Rajah Hawker Centre. Renovated and refurbished, was opened in April this year. Most stalls operating out of colourful graffiti drawn shipping containers and food trucks, offers interesting gastronomical meals to satisfy every taste buds. Live music and beer to chill making it a great place to hangout. A step into the that place, brought back memories of Fire disco.Electrifying & great vibes, retro & latest hits. Hey . . . this place rocks.

73A Ayer Rajah Crescent
Live music from Wed - Sat nights

Well, staying home to catch the show again was not wasted. Armed with my phone, I was ready to capture the moment the camera was on my son. It was so brief but I got it. Next time he can tell his children all about it. Bye . . . for now.

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