Monday, 23 January 2017

A Weekend Getaway

Hello there, welcome to a New Year.
Welcome to this place at D'Resort at Pasir Ris.

So happy to see the chalet room as good as a hotel. Comes with 
microwave oven to warm up our food. A good size fridge to keep
our perishables cool and the drinks ice cold.

A spacious room with two queen size beds and a wide flat screen TV to enjoy.

Outside the room, are barbecue pits and beautiful lush greenery.

The rain cleared, just nice to barbecue some otah and satay for
our relatives at this family reunion get-to-gather.

Woke up to a bright sunny morning. It is time for some exploring at the
Pasir Ris Beach Park right in front of our chalet on my own.

Sat down for a while to enjoy the lovely sea view in front of me.
I could see two hills in the horizon on my right.  I love the beach
alot but I don't go as often as I would like to. Felt quite surreal.

I saw birds flying about, looking skywards closely, there were
many nests belonging to grey herons atop of the taller trees.

Woah, it's high tide. These must be the mangrove trees.

Saw this man walking along the shore casting net. Waited
for the perfect moment to catch him in action, complete
with waves too. Wouldn't that make an interesting shot.

Spotted a torch ginger flower by chance. I love the torch ginger flower
for their big unusual exotic blooms. It comes in pastel pink or bright
red. The petals are waxy and stiff. I haven't come close to smelling it.

Time to leave and so soon. We enjoyed this short getaway.
Hope to have a wholesome barbecue meal next time round.
On second thought, to relax or cook that's the question.
Bye . . . for now.

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